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July 19, 2016

How to Make Sure You’re Getting Reliable Jet Maintenance

As we all know, there’s a lot that goes into getting your aircraft checked. From your standard line maintenance (A check and B check), to the much bigger overhauls (your aircraft C check and D check), there always seems to be something.

D7C_6146_320x137.jpgAfter being in the industry long enough, it all seems routine, because a lot of it really is. Like in every industry, however, certain organizations do things differently and it’s easy to find variance wherever you go. With something as serious as jet maintenance, ‘variance’ is not necessarily something you’re aiming for.


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What is an aircraft C check by definition exactly?

Aviation Pros define an aircraft C check as an extensive check of your aircraft’s individual systems and components for both serviceability and function. It requires a thorough visual inspection of specified areas, components and systems as well as operational or functional checks. It is a high-level check that involves extensive tooling, test equipment, and special skill levels. This level of jet aircraft maintenance will often remove the airplane from the revenue schedule for 5 to 10 days, and potentially longer depending on any additional work required. This maintenance check also includes the lower checks, i.e. 'A,' 'B,' and Daily checks.

Of course, some of it may depend on which type of aircraft you have. A Boeing model is going to have a different jet maintenance regiment than an Airbus, based on their respective manufacturer’s jet maintenance program or an approved maintenance program. American Airlines, for example, clearly dictates their aircraft maintenance procedures based on the number of hours the aircraft flies, the number of take-offs and landings it makes, and the age of the aircraft itself. Each VVIP aircraft is different.

Still, while this isn’t your first time, it’s never a bad idea to remind yourself of everything that you need completed during your next scheduled jet maintenance. It can also assist in keeping your aircraft maintenance check partners accountable, as well as your clients informed.

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